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In this i will explain how to create content editable field and change the save data of the field in database using php and ajax. 当一个HTML元素的contenteditable属性被设置为true时,document.execCommand() 方法便可使用。 通过该方法,你可以运行相关commands 来操作可编辑区域的内容。 其中大多数命令都会影响文档的选择,例如,给文本提供一个样式(加粗,倾斜等)、插入新元素(如增加一个链接)、影响一整行文本(如缩进排版)。 如果是文本框用onchange,oninput,onpropertychange都可以实时监控值发生变化,但是div设置了属性contenteditable(可编辑文档)就不管用了。最简单的方法用oninput事件,可惜ie下支持度不好addEvent(doc,'input',function(){ //do something});那么自己实现一个: 所有主流浏览器都支持 contenteditable 属性 定义和用法 contenteditable 属性指定元素内容是否可编辑。注意: 当元素中没有设置 contenteditable 属性时,元素将从父元素继承。contenteditable 属性是 HTML 新增的。true:可编辑 false:不可编辑 或者 带contenteditable的,可编辑 HTML 4.01 与 HTML 5 之间的差异.

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Is it possible to prevent this from happening or at least just replace it with a ? Here is demo Consider using MutationObserver.These observers are designed to react to changes in the DOM, and as a performant replacement to Mutation Events..

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I thought this would attach the function to the div's onChange event and occur whenever the innerHTML of the div changes, without refreshing the page. The function is called If it is not editable, we set the contentEditable property on each of the editable  The contentEditable attribute is convenient in situations like quickly editing articles or contenteditable attribute (basic support). Global usage. 98.25% + 0% = 98.25%. Method of making any HTML element editable. The contents of an editable element can be modified by the execCommand method  Example HTML code 1: This example illustrates the use of the contentEditable attribute return (); jsbin. Which uses this simple wrapper around contentEditable.

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var handleChange = function (event) { this.setState ( {html:}); }.bind (this); return (); 19/08/2013 onchange Dependiendo del tipo de elemento siendo cambiado y la forma en que el usuario interactua con el elemento, el evento change dispara en un momento diferente: Cuando el elemento es :checked (ya sea dando click o usuando el teclado) para elementos y ; El evento onchange no se activa cuando se cambia un elemento con el atributo contentEditable, un enfoque sugerido podría ser agregar un botón para "guardar" la edición. Marque este plugin que maneja el problema de esa manera: Creando un contenido rápido y sucio de jQuery. 10/03/2018 1. I found a way to solve the problem and it worked well for me. I had table:

Una llamada de esta función corrige todos los elementos de ContentEditable en la página. function fix_onChange_editable_elements() { var tags = document.querySelectorAll(' [contenteditable=true] [onChange]');// (requires FF 3.1+, Safari 3.1+, IE8+) for (var i=tags.length-1; i>=0; i--) if (typeof(tags[i].onblur)!='function') { tags[i].onfocus = Description. true|false.

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Tip: This event is similar to the oninput event. this.editable = true; } uDiscussion(event: any){ // on blur set 'contentEditable' to false // and remove class 'editable' and log new values this.editable = false; console.log("this.discussion"); console.log(this.discussion); } }

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Edit: if you do that, be very sure not to use the app state for that 'initial content'. That will make it a controlled component that gets rerendered every time, and the user's cursor will jump to the beginning of the text with every keypress. Definition and Usage The contentEditable property sets or returns whether the content of an element is editable or not.

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React component for a div with editable contents. Install. You can try react-contenteditable right from your browser to see if it fits your project's needs Elements with the contenteditable attribute can be live-edited right in the browser window. But of course those changes don’t affect the actual document on your server, so those contenteditable onchange. Check out example codes for "contenteditable onchange". It will help you in understanding the concepts better. contenteditable is a new HTML5 feature where you can edit any text inside DOM  Normally, you can add contenteditable property to your element and listen for blur event data:text/html, .

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donde h  Por ejemplo, el atributo HTML tabindex corresponde al atributo tabIndex en React. el comportamiento del navegador existente porque onChange es un nombre con hijos también se marca como contentEditable , porque no funcionará. this).html()){ alert('Handler for .change() called.

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